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“My Number One Jobs As Pastor Is Not To Minister”

There’s never been a more important time for the local church ….your church…to reassess its mission.  Dan Hall has pastored and consulted churches that overcame tremendous obstacles to effectively serve their communities.  In this short video, he explains what is critical for your church’s success. 

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“When Faith Is Forbidden”

It’s clear that Christianity has never been under more attack in America.  Compared to what so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world are facing each day, however, our “persecution” is quite tame.  For now.  Voice Of The Martyr’s Todd Nettleton fears as it becomes tougher for the faithful in America, too many will not be strong enough.  In this short video, Todd says it’s because of the way so many were evangelized.  

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You’re On Line: What’s Next?

One of the most impressive changes in reaction to the church shut down was how quickly more than 90% of US churches went to on-line services.  The timing was good:  The internet was in place, the equipment affordable and the technological know-how needed basic enough for even the smallest congregations to easily pivot.  That kept members connected.  Some small group, or Sunday School classes, also used the technology to keep on mission.  

The question is:  Is  your church planning NOW how to use the technology to do a better job of fulfilling The Great Commission as more return to church?  As an earlier Barna survey showed, one out of three former church goers have quit showing up in person or on line.  Is your church staying connected?  What can be done by The Post Covid Church to use the technology to expand your church mission to those who won’t come into your doors?

In this short video, learn how Haitian pastor Dr. Lucner Pierre was able to expand Bible studies through the internet and how it led to a dramatic increase in touching people and making disciples.  

You can listen to my entire conversation with Lucner at titled, “Lessons From Haiti”.

Post-Christian America

The pandemic has sped up change in our culture, including the lessening of the church’s influence.  While America was steadily moving from its Judeo-Christian roots before the shutdown (with church attendance dropping and the number of people willing to admit they had no faith rapidly increasing to almost one-in-four) the pandemic has accelerated the shift to where we are now a post-Christian culture.  There is no longer the cultural pressure to know and acknowledge the basic tenants of the faith.  With a powerful push to limit or eliminate basic constitutional religious freedoms.

Rev. Jeff Wolheter has spent his career planting churches, and that means having a rich understanding of the culture.  As he shares in this short video clip, the shift means more antagonism towards the church, but also an opportunity. 

You can hear my conversation with Jeff, and discover useful information that every church leader can use, on The Post Covid Church Podcast, titled “Building A Plane While Flying: Church Planting In A Pandemic”.

Building A Plane While Flying: Church Planting In A Pandemic

Rev. Jeff Wolheter knows you probably think this is a crazy time to plant a church, but he feels it’s the perfect time.  The Indiana pastor, and graduate of Wesley Biblical Seminary,  envisions a very different model that looks to attract those in this post-Christian culture who won’t ever visit a building.  In this short video, see how focusing on discipleship means rethinking normal for this Post Covid Church….

You can hear my conversation with Jeff, and discover useful information that every church leader can use, on The Post Covid Church Podcast, “Building A Plane While Flying”.

Model For Post Covid Church Partnering

A key theme of The Post Covid Church project is sharing ideas that will help churches not just survive, but thrive in this challenging environment and become stronger bodies to serve greater needs.  That means breaking down walls and cooperating, because the overwhelming consensus is that 1) the church will be smaller and 2) the needs to fill will be greater.

Prodisee Pantry serves several hundred hungry families a week in Baldwin County Alabama.   It started when Deann Servos and two fellow parishioners at Spanish Fort United Methodist Church started a food closet and quickly realized that to really make a difference, they needed to get outside their walls.  Now, more than 100 churches in the county work together each week to serve.  See in this short video not only how Prodisee works, but how your church can stand out by reaching out and working together to make a difference….

“Let’s Keeping Chopping Wood”

Rev Percy McCray, Jr has been counseling for more than 30 years and, not surprising, he’s never had to deal with a year like this past one.  He’s upbeat, however, because he’s spent a career seeing the power of the Christian faith working in the darkest times.  In this short video, Rev. McCray, Director of Faith Based Programs at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, shares how all of us can help those people we know are suffering right now.

You can listen to my entire conversation with Rev. McCray on The Post Covid Church Podcast at  “Time to Focus on Mental Health”

“As The Men Go, So Goes The Church”

As churches reopen and ministries regather, David Dusek, founder of Rough Cut Men Ministries says no group is more important than the men.  David’s ministry focuses on encouraging and equipping men to live their lives for Christ by getting them to talk about what’s really going on in their lives.  That means The Post Covid Church must encourage men to connect and go deeper.  It also means that church leaders must be more honest and transparent.

In this short video, Dusek explains how to get men more involved, and how some simple first steps can get men more connected.

You can listen to my entire conversation with David on The Post Covid Church Podcast, “As The Men Go, So Goes The Church”.

Missing The Real Sexual Question

The current uproar about the “Equality Act” is a perfect  illustration of the church’s waning ability to influence the culture.  It’s a wake up call for The Post Covid Church to change the way it talks about sex.

The “Equality Act”, passed by the House, redefines “sex” to include “sexual orientation.”  The effect will be to erase the differences between men and women—a scientific fact—for how one feels, or identifies.  

So here we are, in less than a generation, with the definition of marriage turned on its head and now the idea of gender being tossed aside as irrelevant.  Even if the bill doesn’t become law right now, just calmly expressing support for what was once called ‘traditional sexuality’ can get you banned, fired or worse.  

What happened?

John Stonestreet, President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, has spent his career looking at the intersection of the church and culture.  He says a lot of the blame can be set at the church’s doorstep:  The inability to explain what i tmeans to be made in God’s image.

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Smartly Defending The Faith

As the attacks against classic Christianity become more aggressive, the challenge to defend the faith will become more important—and difficult.  Fortunately, Greg Koukl has spent his professional life helping people do a better job thinking more clearing about their faith.

In this short video, the founder of “Stand To Reason” ( explains that the first step to more effectively engage those questioning the faith is to copy that famous TV detective, Lt. Columbo.

Learn the other two steps on how to overcome objections to the Christian faith, and why the church must be more open to its owns believers doubts, on The Post Covid Church Podcast

Prepare for Persecution

One of the byproducts of the pandemic shutdown has been the acceleration of steps to control the church.  From forced closings to canceling orthodox Christian belief from social media, the push by secularists to force the faith out of the public square shows no sign of letting up.  

For S. Michael Craven, one of the nation’s foremost experts on Christian worldview, this is both inevitable and good.  In this short video, the Director of the Colson Fellows Program at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview explains that costing more to be a Christian means the death of “cultural Christianity” and, eventually, a stronger church.  

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Quite Focusing on Sunday!

The pandemic has not only thrown all congregations into crisis mode, it’s also sped up the need for church leaders to re-examine their focus and make much needed changes now.

“COVID revealed a fundamental weakness in the Church.  Most churches only have one purpose: worship. And if you take worship away, you’ve got nothing. They’re in a hurry to get back to worship because that’s all they’ve got.”

Senior Pastor Rick Warren/Saddleback Church as told to Relevant Magazine

The Future Church Co. focuses on strengthening church leaders—-staff and lay——and helping them lead congregations that more effectively fulfill the Great Commission:  To make disciples. 

In this short video, Co-founder and CEO Kelly Kannwischer explains that the pandemic’s impact has only accelerated the need for change.  That includes the misguided focus on Sundays.

You can listen to my entire conversation with Kelly and learn how your church can more effectively lead on The Post Covid Church Podcast,

Lessons From Haiti

Some of the most exciting ideas from The Post Covid Church project have come from small churches doing creative, aggressive and exciting things to lean into the pandemic and serve more effectively.  We can even learn from outside our borders!

Dr. Lucner Pierre is a VP of advancement and a professor at Emmaus University while also serving as senior pastor at a 1,000 person church in Haiti.  In this short video, see what Americans can learn from this impoverished country if the focus is on sharing the gospel and meeting community needs.

Listen to my conversation with Dr. Pierre on The Post Covid Church Podcast  at   

High Capacity Leadership

The Post Covid Church will face more challenges than ever after the pandemic is over and the barriers to in-person worship are gone. It will take extraordinary cooperation between staff and laity to thrive in the new environment. That won’t be easy.

The good news: There is a lot of talent to be tapped! Greg Ligon’s mission is strengthening church leadership, and in this short video, learn how your church can grow high capacity leaders.

You can listen to my entire conversation with Greg, including his predictions on how the multisite church will soon be a wide ranging reality, on The Post Covid Church Podcast :

You can download a free copy Greg and Geoff Surratt’s latest ebook “Multisite Reimagined” by visiting

“DC Riot’s Evangelical Damage”

The fallout from the attack on the nation’s Capitol by Trump supporters, some proudly waving Christian flags, has already impacted the evangelical church’s influence on the culture.  Whether fairly or not, it plays into a powerful stereotype.

The answer to the widening rift in our nation, according to world renowned apologist and author Dr. Jim Denison, is to lovingly speak truth to power—-no matter the party—-and to more effectively teach what a Christian worldview is and why it’s critical that everyone professing faith in Christ have one.

In this short video, Dr. Denison explains what shocked and surprised him about the evangelical Christian response to the insurrection.

You can listen to my conversation with Dr. Denison, co-founder and Chief Vision Officer of  Denison Forum, on The Post Covid Church Podcast at  

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“We’ve Made Christ A Hobby”

The focus of The Post Covid Church is to provide ideas to share on how to strengthen the body of Christ amidst this debilitating pandemic. One item to share: HOPE.

“These could be our best days!”

Dr. Jim Denison, author, apologist and co-founder of Denison Forum, focuses on helping Christian look at cultural issues from a biblical perspective. While he is wide eyed about the fractured community that is the US, in this short video he compares this century with the first, and sees God on the march.

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Reimagining The Post Covid Church

With 1 in 5 churches predicted to close, it’s time for a re-set

It’s amazing how a crisis can suddenly make the unthinkable thinkable.  Greg Ligon has spent his post-pastoral career focused on leadership development and has written several books about the “multisite” church movement.  What was once an oddity is now normal:  Every church that shut down and streamed was suddenly a multi-site church!

The Post Covid Church will have to embrace at least some aspect of the multisite model to thrive because the pandemic has changed forever how people see and experience church.   It means a large percentage of churches—-some estimate one in five—-will soon close.  

In this short clip, Greg explains that mergers are suddenly an option.  

You can listen to my entire conversation with Greg, including how high capacity leadership is critical for The Post Covid Church’s survival on The Post Covid Church Podcast (

You can download a free copy Greg and Geoff Surratt’s latest ebook “Multisite Reimagined” by visiting

“Why Did God Put You On Earth?”

As churches scramble through shutdowns and technical challenges to stay connected, it’s also the time when many are reassessing their walk with Christ.  In this short video, Kelly Kannwischer, co-founder and CEO of Future Church Co, explains how her company helps Christians find their calling.

Kelly talks more about calling, and steps church leaders need to take now as we face a very different future on The Post Covid Church Podcast,

Making Sense of Today’s Chaos in “The Story”

The Christian faith is so much more than having our sins forgiven through faith in Jesus Christ.  In fact, it’s when we think so narrowly that we are in danger of missing out on how to make sense of the present chaos we face.   

John Stonestreet, the host of Breakpoint and President of The Colson Center for Christian Worldview, emphasizes the importance of Christians knowing what “The Story” is and how the current circumstances fit into it.  In light of the deeply divisive political, social and yes, medical times, Stonestreet says, “American Christians have a history of losing the Story in the chaos of the moment.”  You’ll gain a lot from this short video.

You can listen to my entire conversation with John on The Post Covid Church Podcast,  

Calling The Church To Thrive

Much of the church focus during the pandemic has been on survival.  For The Post Covid Church project, however,  the key is not just surviving but THRIVING.  John Stonestreet is the President of the Colson Center for Biblical Worldview and the host of Breakpoint.  He says as long as local churches are satisfied with simply being a community of Believers, they are unlikely to survive.  Nor, does he think, it really matters if they do.  

You can listen to my entire conversation with John on The Post Covid Church Podcast,  

“We Needed To Change”

The Post Covid Church that doesn’t just survive but thrive will look and act differently because leadership changed and grew.  Bishop Ronnie Crudup, Sr. not only leads a 3,500 person mega church he also is presiding Bishop over two dozen mostly rural Mississippi congregations for Fellowship of International Churches.   The experience has humbled him, and he’s grateful for it.

“This thing is stretching us, pushing us, forcing us into circumstances that we may not have been as comfortable in the very beginning.  We’re going to come out of this so much better.”

Bishop Ronnie Crudup, Sr.

As you’ll see in this short video, this means changing what ministry is and knocking down walls.  You can listen to my entire conversation with Bishop Crudup on The Post Covid Church Podcast

“Bringing Judgment Upon His Church”

It’s been too easy for the church to point to the pandemic induced shutdowns as the cause of its problems during 2020.  For Bishop Ronnie Crudup, Sr. that’s the wrong approach.  

“If we don’t humble ourselves, if we don’t learn these lessons, then we get moved.”

Bishop Crudup is Senior Pastor of New Horizon International, a 3,500 person church in Jackson, MS and Administrative Bishop for The Fellowship of International Churches.  He is “excited by the faithfulness of the people”.  He’s also, however,  more aware than ever that God is in control and not us.  Not even a Bishop.  

In this short video, you’ll find out what God has warned Bishop Crudup about.

You can listen to my entire conversation with Bishop Crudup on The Post Covid Church Podcast

More Than Content

Making disciples in the new, forced digital environment is a challenge, but one expert says it can also be a blessing.  Dr. Elaine Friedrich is Director of Digital Discipleship for Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church.  In this short video, she explains how simple, but creative uses of the new digital technology have strengthened important bonds.   

You can listen to my entire conversation with Dr. Friedrich on The Post Covid Church Podcast,

Doing Discipleship RIGHT

What if the way you’ve done something all your life turns out to not be wrong?  George Barna has spent decades researching Christianity in America and he’s come to the conclusion that there is only one proven way to effectively disciple.  See the answer in this short video.

Listen to my conversation with Dr. Barna at The Post Covid Church Podcast,  

The Digital Revolution: Making Disciples

In the middle of a crisis strong leaders are thinking forward, counting on more disruption and planning for a very different future.  Dr. Elaine Friedrich’s career experience blended ministry and higher education leadership into her current position as Director of Digital Discipleship for Mt. Bethel United Methodist in Marietta GA.  

She is uniquely positioned to help churches of all sizes see that they need to shift focus and resources if they want to stay connected with their members and fulfill the great commission: reaching “the least, the last and the lost.” In this short video, Dr. Friedrich emphasizes that for The Post Covid Church, this is a time of OPPORTUNITY, not despair.

You can listen to my entire conversation with Dr. Friedrich on The Post Covid Church Podcast,

A Blank Slate: Time To Act

The silver lining to the pandemic is the ability for strong church leaders to quickly make needed changes.  Dr. Thom Rainer’s focus as Founder/CEO of “Church Answers” is to help church leaders more effectively lead and serve.  In this short video, he notes the three most important things a church leadership must do now to ensure The Post Covid Church stands out.

Listen to  more ideas that work on The Post Covid Church Podcast with Dr. Rainer  

After The “Covid Wilderness”

It may be comforting for Christians yearning to “return to normal”, but the reality is the church was shrinking in many ways, including influence, long before the doors shut.  That’s why 

Dr. Thom Rainer, a church leadership expert, says we’re in the “Covid Wilderness”.  He likens it to the time when God’s people, freed from Egyptian slavery, wandered.  Just as many of those reacted to hardship by asking to return to what they remembered as the safety of slavery, so too are many Christians today—-including far too many in leadership positions——pleading for a return to the past.  

Dr. Ranier, Founder/CEO of “Church Answers”, a church leadership training group, says in this short video that now as then, it’s the wrong approach.

Listen to  more challenging ideas on The Post Covid Church Podcast with Dr. Rainer at  

Why a Biblical Worldview Matters

With only six out of 100 Americans having a Biblical Worldview, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Christian church in America is losing its influence and spiritual power.  Dr. George Barna, the preeminent researcher of the Christian faith in America, says his mission is helping The Post Covid Church focus on making sure more of the faithful are living lives truly influenced by the Bible.  

In this short video Dr. Barna explains what a worldview is and why the church must do much more to make sure Christians have a Biblical worldview.

“Jesus Didn’t Die To Put Butts In Seats”

Dr. George Barna is the preeminent researcher of the Christian faith in America and he made clear in The Post Covid Church Podcast interview that for the church to regain its influence, it must make big changes now.  It starts at the top, where Dr. Barna says there are too few pastors in control who are gifted leaders.  It also includes changing how pastors define success.  In this short video, Dr. Barna, Director of Research for the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University,  says there must be a new model to measure effectiveness.

Helping Your Pastor Lead

A crisis always brings out the true character of a leader, as this pandemic is illustrating.  Some churches simply focused on reopening the doors and hope normal someday returns.  Those that are using the crisis as an opportunity to serve are also using the strengths of those in the pews.  In this short video, former pastor and current crisis management expert John Robertson suggests how the laity can help the staff jump start The Post Covid Church.

“Run Towards The Roar!”

The pandemic is making all of us reassess not only what’s truly important in life, but also what it means to live by faith.  Suddenly, even the concept of “church” is upended.  John Robertson is a crisis management expert, and a former pastor, who is well positioned to help The Post Covid Church thrive through taking this extraordinary opportunity to help staff and laity discover their strengths and use them for Christ.  FORTLOG Services is John’s Canadian based leadership development company.  As he explains in this short video, it’s critical that we all all “run towards the roar”.

A Challenge to Grow

One of the greatest challenges for The Post Covid Church is helping the members grow stronger in their faith.  This, of course, doesn’t mean spoon feeding.  Dr. Matt Ayars, President of Wesley Biblical Seminary, says it means members taking more seriously the spiritual disciplines.

Rethinking Seminaries: Strengthening The Post Covid Church

The pandemic has upended colleges and universities, forcing more on-line learning and threatening the traditional post secondary education model.  It’s also making seminaries scramble.  A few, like Wesley Biblical Seminary, were perfectly positioned to serve The Post Covid Church.   Facing financial ruin, WBS had to downsize, move more classes on-line and expanded to serve non-traditional students in order to survive, years before the pandemic struck.   President Matt Ayars says it’s more important than ever that members, not just pastors, take advantage of the technological revolution.  It allows Believers to dig deeper and understand the foundational beliefs of the faith to be able to answer the increasingly hostile challenges from the secular world……

Listen to the entire conversation with Dr. Ayars, including his explanation on how the misunderstood idea about salvation is hurting the church’s witness, on The Post Covid Church Podcast,

Battling The Mental Health Stigma

The upheaval caused by the pandemic has had a major impact on the mental health of our nation, and The Post Covid Church is in a position to make a difference.  If it will.  A study from Barna and the Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University highlights the  toll.  One out of three practicing Christians, those who attend worship monthly and say the faith is very important  in their lives, report that they are impacted.  

Practicing Christians Issues that make an impact on my relationships
Barna/Boone Center for Family  Sept ’20

A previous post illustrated the emotional toll of this pandemic.   In this short segment, licensed professional counselor Dr. Tarama Fleming says The Post Covid Church must help people overcome the stigma that prevents those in need from getting help.  The mental health problems will get worse, because many predict normal social activity is at least a year away.  Here are some ideas on how to fight these isolation induced maladies.

Listen to all that Dr. Fleming has to say about the importance of the church being part of the solution to improving mental health on The Post Covid Church Podcast,

The Emotional Cost: The Church’s Response

Most of the pandemic’s impact has focused on the extraordinary physical cost, counted in deaths, infection rates and unemployment.  It’s also caused extensive mental damage, that is too often ignored because of the stigma.  Dr. Tarama Fleming is a licensed professional counselor who strongly believes the Christian faith is uniquely positioned to heal, and challenges The Post Covid Church to support those in emotional need.

The Church Isn’t The Building

Pastor Jonathan “JP” Pokluda has never been shy about telling people church isn’t the building.  Well, everyone got the message when the doors shut, and the needs increased.  See in this short clip with the best selling author and senior pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, TX what the changes mean for The Post Covid Church

The Church Isn’t The Building!

Did Your Church Staff React Like This?

Pastor and best selling author Jonathan “JP” Pokluda has always focused on where the church is going, but the pandemic put his plans in overdrive.  For the staff at Harris Creek Baptist in Waco, TX it meant each one taking on a second job.   In this short clip, see that Covid-19 meant radically reorienting everyone’s responsibilities while moving small group discipleship front and center.

A Little Church Builds a Radio Station

An earlier story highlighted 180 member Grace Chapel’s work to stay connected with members and strengthen the children’s program during the shut down.  Take a look at how the church built a radio station to make sure those unable to return weren’t left behind.

Little Church Doing Big Things

Grace Chapel only has 180 members in West Columbia SC, but this non-denominational church has done amazing things to stay connected and strengthen the foundation for future disciple making.  Yes, it streamed services, but the pastor realized a more interactive media fit the needs of his homebound parishioners better.  So too the emphasis on helping children by making it easier for the home to be the center of faithful learning. See how in this short video clip.

Building The Thriving Post Covid Church

There are four key aspects to a successful church, according to Dr. Bill Wilson who spent more than three decades as a successful pastor and founded the Center for Healthy Churches: Church filled with Christ followers Shared vision At least one part of the ministry that is thriving Trusted lay and staff leadership What’s the number one trait of a successful church? See in this short video.

“There’s Never Been A Better Time To Be A Church”

…as long as you follow Dr. Bill Wilson’s third option…..

A Model for the Post Covid Church

Already it’s clear The Post Covid Church will be smaller. That means to restore its impact and influence, Christians will have to do a better job working together. See how churches in Wichita, Kansas are showing the way.

Race, Faith and the Flag

In the middle of the pandemic, and shortly after the demonstrations over the George Floyd killing, Mississippi became the last state to take Confederate symbols off the flag. It was an overwhelming bipartisan multi-racial effort. This short video clip includes award winning journalist Charlotte Graham’s explanation on why she thinks it happened so quickly, what it may signify for the Post Covid Church.

Post Covid Home Church Movement

An inspiring story of Bobby and Lydia Goin who opened their home as church doors closed. Brushing aside fear of Covid, and answering God’s call, this Kansas couple has attracted searching Believers who are experiencing a deeper walk with Christ.

Only The Church can Cure the Racial Divide

A challenge for the church to step up during these tumultuous times.

Shrinking Then Flourishing

During the last two-thousand years powerful forces even stronger than this pandemic have struck the church: Persecutions, plagues and cultural indifference. Father Christopher Viscardi, S.J., chair of the theology department at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, sees hope in history. See what we can learn from what came out of the persecution in post-revolutionary France, and the hope it provides for The Post Covid Church.

Embarrassing the US Church

Have you heard of any US church that has been so successful in fulfilling its mission during the pandemic that plans are in place to soon plant churches? I haven’t either. But that’s exactly what is happening In Venezuela. Rev. Dr. Warren Lathem, a retired United Methodist pastor and District Superintendent and founder of Venezuela Now explains how church leadership in that country has made all the difference.

Discipleship: Not Optional

As The Post Covid Church struggles to regain its footing and help members become the salt and light in the culture that Christ called us to be, it needs to focus on the biblical demands so often ignored today.

Why Do We Want to Go Back THERE?

Today is the perfect time to rethink what The Post Covid Church should look like according to theologian T.M. Moore, because the evangelical church in America has lost its way, caught up in the secular culture.

Trends Appearing for The Post Covid Church

It’s clear six months into the pandemic that The Post Covid Church will be smaller. One out of three practicing Christians have quite worshipping. The silver lining: It looks as if perhaps it will be stronger.

An Inner City Pastor’s Optimistic Look at The Post Covid Church

Word of Christ Ministries is an unlikely choice for a church that will survive and thrive after this pandemic recedes. That, however, is just what founding pastor Devon Adams thinks, actually knows, will happen. Why does he say that? Because his church was ready. No, they don’t have equipment to stream or a paid staff to handle every wish. What Word of Christ has is a strong leader, a laser like focus and a proven record of hyper connecting with the people within a few miles of this inner city church.

Saving Marriage

Before churches doors were closed, attendance was dropping dramatically across the US. A big reason: the disintegration of marriage. One group is working with church to turn the tide.

Strong Churches See an Opportunity

Challenges like the pandemic reveal the strength of any organization’s leadership and the ability to see an opportunity to serve and turn it into action is the sign of a church’s DNA. See how Rev Robert Hahn and his rural Maryland congregation quickly moved to serve 13-thousand meals a week to needy children, and mend relations between the police and the community.

Serving as Discipleship

This church is built on reaching out. If you don’t get involved, you won’t fit. It’s a model of discipleship for The Post Covid Church.

A Smaller, Stronger Post Covid Church

The consensus is The Post Covid Church will be smaller. The big question: What will it take to make it stronger? Dr. Kevin Watson has written and lectured extensively on discipleship and small group formation, showing that healthy congregations focus on both. He is also an optimist, predicting that the loss of “Cultural Christians” will shrink the numbers but enhance the surviving churches.

NOT the Most Segregated Hour of the Week

Inviting some people to leave in an effort to set your church’s tone on race may not be what church planters would recommend if you wanted to quickly build your numbers. This is, however, what one pastor in Mississippi did during his church’s first gathering.

Re-thinking Missions

Dr. Duane Brown, Director of Church Partnerships for One Mission Society says The Post Covid Church must become much more committed to missions in order to fulfill its calling.

Racial Healing Answers

Two pastors, one black, one white, both lifelong residents of a state long associated with racial hatred, share their experiences and answers for our nation in light of the latest racial outrage.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Rev. Randy Russ, the former Community Coffee CEO and university business professor, is confident that the inevitable shakeup will mean a smaller, but stronger body of Christ.

Post Covid Rough Water

The Post Covid Church faces many of the dangers—and opportunities–we see in the Gulf of Mexico.

Humpty Dumpty: A Priest’s Call for Change

The Covid-19 pandemic has broken the ‘egg’ of life as we know it. Father Daniel Dower’s comparison to the famous nursery rhyme provides an opportunity for much needed change in the church.

Rushing Into The Pandemic

The Salvation Army has served the hurting and needy for more than 150 years and the Covid-19 pandemic is providing one more stark example of how this organization so effectively blends Christian faith with action. A prime example is the Orlando FL Area command, where Captain Ken Chapman quickly pivoted in the midst of the pandemic shut down to make sure Christ centered comfort came to the most vulnerable.

Churches Must Take Risks

People have been sampling other services on line, and members who haven’t even been contacted by their church will be less likely to return. Joe Stradinger, the founder and CEO of EdgeTheory, a social media company that helps business create social media content, says church leaders who haven’t been pro-active have no choice but to change now if they have any chance of surviving.


Charlotte Graham grew up in the church and spent most of her career as a journalist. But it was one day while working for a Christian non-profit that her heart was changed when she how a hate crime victim loved and forgave. It’s a lesson for all of us. Relive that moment through this short video clip.