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The Post Covid Church closes its doors.


For the last generation, far too many pro lifers cheered the easy campaign promise to “overturn Roe” instead of tackling the tougher job of helping turn the American culture into one that embraces life.  Once the abortion decision was in the hands of the voters,  the political reality hit: Two out of three Americans favor abortion, with even people in red states saying a resounding NO to restrictions.  

On this podcast, meet a doctor facing more than a decade in prison for protesting against abortion, and hear what happened when he met a woman in the emergency room who drank turpentine to self-abort.  

Building Bridges Not Castles

Christ’s call to the disciples before leaving earth:  Go and make disciples.  That was much easier in our culture just a few decades ago when even those outside the faith had a basic understanding of Christianity.  Now, building those bridges is much more challenging.  On this podcast, hear from a man who has effectively led evangelistic outreach around the world and learn how to more effectively leave the castle—-our churches—-and build more bridges to the lost.

Ghostbusters and Christ

Two men who bonded over a 1980s science fiction movie are committed to defending the Christians faith.  For Brian Auten and Chad Gross of the popular Apologetics 315 Podcast , that means biblical knowledge, serious study and a winsome approach.  It’s something far too few church leaders are teaching. Listen to how your ministry can be strengthened by their straightforward, effective ideas. 

Spot The Lie

When you fly the American flag, are you simply saying, “Yeah, it’s where I live.”  Or, are you pledging your support to an entire way of life?  When you fly the rainbow flag, are you simply saying, “People should be allowed to live and let live?”  Or, are you pledging your support for a change in how the culture has traditionally viewed sex, gender and parental rights?  On this podcast, a look at how we got here.  Plus, some very practical advice for  those holding traditional biblical views to help prepare themselves…and their children….to engage with and answer an increasingly challenging culture.

Why We Need A Deeper Church

Problem:  Most of energy from evangelical churches is spent cursing the increasingly hostile and secular culture.  The problem is that not enough energy is spent helping Christians understand and embrace a Biblical or Christian worldview.  Fact:  Only 4% of Americans have a biblical worldview.

Solution: The focus of The Post Covid Church leaders must be on understanding, embracing and teaching the Christian worldview.  That means the not just knowing scripture, but also how the faith must be lived out.

Learn how to define a worldview, see evidence of how even Born Again Christians are straying and hear powerful ideas on how to strengthen The Post Covid Church by tacking head-on today’s biggest cultural issues. 

To see the talk with all the graphics, click on the You Tube Link:

Letting God Lead

The Post Covid world has revealed the importance of adjusting quickly.  In too many congregations the innovation stopped with on-line services. Facing an increasingly hostile culture and the greatest need ever for the Gospel, it’s more critical than ever for church leaders to reassess their effectiveness as leaders.  Hear from two proven leaders whose biblically inspired ideas can make a difference in your church—-and in your workplace.


Without a sense of purpose, people are lost.  An astounding Post Covid impact is how the pandemic has torn away the sense of God-given purpose for  so many Believers.   There is, however, a silver lining.  Listen to a story of purpose on What Now? The Post Covid Church Podcast.

Sex and Grace

“Hate the sin, love the sinner.”  Has there been a more tossed around, misunderstood and, far too often, empty statement? On this follow up podcast, a look more deeply into what grace looks like in the face of a sexual revolution.

Sexuality and the Church: What’s the Big Deal?

Can’t followers of Christ simply disagree about what’s sexually OK, what marriage means and whether folks can just be the gender they feel like today?  Well, if you don’t believe sexuality is very important to God, then it’s not that big a deal.  If, however, you believe what the Bible says sexuality means it IS a very big deal to God, then it’s not a debatable point.  What is also not debatable: Once gay marriage became the norm, resisting all other sexual restraints became much tougher.  Hear the arguments for and against a progressive interpretation, see how children are now the targets and learn how to defend what the church has universally defended for all but the last 15 minutes.

Men Being Men

The church’s man problem isn’t new and isn’t easy to solve.  It will take more than quarterly men’s ministry events.  Meet a man whose business success and subsequent emptiness led him to use his skills to help men thrive as Christ followers.  And meet two men whose lives were forever changed.  

Walking the Talk

The American church does a good job talking about the importance of life, but is falling short when it comes to helping those who need it most.  Meet two couples who have gone to extraordinary lengths to help children in need and hear what they say the church must do now to help the hundreds of thousands in foster care.  It’s simpler than you think.

This Church Doesn’t Want Members

If The Post Covid Church is to fulfill the great commission in the face of a quickly secularized culture, it must be willing to re-think how it operates.  Not changing likely means a slow slide into irrelevance.   On this podcast meet a bold pastor whose church now demands that those who want to belong must do more than just show up.  

Answering an Atheist’s Onslaught

Lessons from an ex-Christian

The Post Covid Church is shrinking and its impact on the culture waning.  Two big problems: Christians not living like followers of Christ and tough questions that far too many in the church cannot answer.  I talked with a man who left the church for those reasons, and more.  Here’s an invitation to sit down in a booth next to our table in this Italian bar and grill and listen.

Can Christians Afford to Ignore 70% of the Bible?

Megachurch pastor Andy Stanley says Christians should unhitch from the Old Testament.  Listen to his reasoning, and a robust defense of the Old Testament from one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject.  Dr. John Oswalt makes it is very clear:  If we ignore the Old Testament, we short circuit the New Testament and weaken the faith.  

“When God Calls You, You Go”: Overturning Roe, What Now?

The woman behind the law that overturned Roe is far from content.  On this podcast, you’ll meet Terri Herring,  who has lobbied for the unborn since the mid 1980s and says the church’s work has only just begun. You’ll also learn how Dr. Matt Friedeman, a seminary professor, media commentator and church planter went from just talking pro-life to living it, all because a church member challenged him.

Thinking Biblically

The most damaging fallout to the church in this Post Covid time isn’t the lower attendance and higher number of Americans walking away from the faith.  It’s the inability of so many evangelicals to hold and articulate a Christian worldview.  Here’s one example: One out of three Christians who believe the Bible is totally accurate in all its principals also believe the Koran, Book of Mormon and the Bible, teach the same truth simultaneously.  How our Christian faith influences how we look at the world has never been more important.  On this episode of The Post Covid Church Podcast:What Now?, three lay leaders from various communities who all were trained in the Christian worldview share what they’ve learned from the shutdown that serve as lessons for all us all.

“Challenges Dressed Up As Opportunities”

Those who prayed in the midst of the pandemic induced shutdown that their church would some day return to normal hopefully now realize the reality: THIS is normal. The Post Covid Church project began in 2020 to help churches learn how best to lean into the pandemic by creatively fulfilling their mission. Now the challenge is even greater, with a smaller church and more hostile culture. This is the first episode of the re-launched podcast series. Challenges Dressed As Opportunities features three lay leaders from diverse communities using what they learned during the disruption and helping their churches thrive.

Standing Firm

The Post Covid Church must more effectively engage with an increasingly secular culture and provide compelling reasons for the lost to believe, rather than aggressively attack the faith. In this recent talk at First Baptist Church in Fairhope, AL, Stuart Kellogg lays out what a worldview is, why more Believers must be better equipped and how best to engage with a hostile opposition.

Knowing What You Believe: Life Matters

A critical point brought up in The Post Covid Church is the importance of teaching the Christian worldview in the church in the face of an increasingly secular onslaught. The latest Post Covid Church Podcast is from a recent address by Stuart Kellogg at First Baptist Church in Fairhope, AL teaching Christians how to more effectively defend the Pro Life movement through understanding and sharing the Christian Worldview. 

The Post Covid Church Story

In his address to the Christian Business Men’s Connection Mobile, AL group, Stuart Kellogg shares his journey from “functional Unitarian” to a follower of Christ and how The Post Covid Church project began and led to The Post Covid Church book.  

A Podcast Pause

Changing Focus: Measuring The Right Things

REVIVAL: Not That Simple

“As Goes the U.S. University, So Goes The World”

Catching Up

Religious Liberty: Tables Turning

Revitalizing The Church:  Tough Medicine, Hard Work

Trauma In The Pews

Progressive Christianity’s Threat To The Faith

Not Giving Up

Priorities NOW For Your Church Leaders: Two National Experts Here to Help!

“My Number One Job As A Pastor Is Not To Minister”

“When Faith Is Forbidden”

Building A Plane While Flying: Church Planting In A Pandemic

If you were following the “how to plant a church” textbook, you would not be inclined to do so during a pandemic.  That’s exactly WHY Jeff Wolheter is doing that NOW.  Listen to what this Post Covid Church plant looks like and here some important lessons for even established church leaders.  

“Time To Focus on Mental Health”

In his 30 years of counseling Rev. Percy McCray has never seen a year like this past one. The Director of Faith Based Programs at Cancer Treatment Centers of America is optimistic, however, because Rev. McCray knows the power of the Christian faith can overcome mental stress. But, The Post Covid Church must do a better job tackling mental health. Listen to practical ways to not only survive, but thrive, during the darkest of times.


“As The Men Go, So Goes The Church”

As churches reopen and ministries regather, David Dusek, founder of Rough Cut Men Ministries says no group is more important than the men.  David’s ministry focuses on encouraging and equipping men to live their lives for Christ by getting them to talk about what’s really going on in their lives.  That means The Post Covid Church must encourage men to connect and go deeper.  It also means that church leaders must be more honest and transparent.

You can listen to my entire conversation with David on The Post Covid Church Podcast, bit.ly/postcovidpodcast “As The Men Go, So Goes The Church”.


Smartly Defending The Faith

Those holding classical Christian beliefs have never been under more pressure.  That’s why nationally renowned Christian author, speaker and “Stand to Reason” founder Greg Koukl is spending his life teaching Christians to think more clearly about their faith.  Hear simple tactics to better prepare for those upcoming tough discussions, and how the church must encourage believers to ask tough questions. 


Prepare for Persecution

The antipathy towards orthodox Biblical belief has quickly become an aggressive movement to silence the church in the public square.  Michael Craven, Director of the Colson Fellows Program at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, says part of the problem is that Christians have only been taught half of the salvation story. Listen to how the church must do a better job telling the whole story, while at the same time preparing for greater persecution that will strengthen the church and mean the end of cultural Christianity.  


Lessons From Haiti

Dr. Lucner Pierre is a seminary professor and senior pastor in Haiti, and his aggressive reaction to the pandemic induced shutdown provides lessons for The Post Covid Church in America.  The key is looking for ways to connect, expand and serve.  The shutdown has also cut out short-term mission work, which has provided an opportunity for the local church to step up and stand out.  


“We’ve Made Christ A Hobby”

Dr. Jim Denison’s life is focused on apologetics:  Defending and explaining the Christian faith and helping to equip Christians to do the same.  In the wake of the DC attack on the Capitol, there is no better time to focus on what it means to be a Christian.  In fact, Dr. Denison says if the church doesn’t quickly do a much better job of teaching a Christian Worldview, its impact will continue to lessen. The good news: “These could be our best days.”  Listen to Dr. Denison’s steps to help us all think with a biblical insight.


Reimagining The Post Covid Church

The Post Covid Church will have to embrace at least some aspect of the multisite model to thrive because the pandemic has changed forever how people see and experience church. It means a large percentage of churches—-some estimate one in five—-will soon close. In this short clip, Greg explains that mergers are suddenly an option.


“Why Did God Put You On Earth?”

Two positives coming out of the pandemic: Believers reassessing their walk with Christ and  and churches forced to focus on how they must change in order to fulfill the great commission and make disciples.  Kelly Kannwischer, Co-founder and CEO of Future Church Co, is uniquely qualified to help both church leaders and members identify their strengths in order to help churches thrive. 

Calling The Church To Thrive

Colson Center for Christian Worldview President John Stonestreet says the focus of The Post Covid Church must be on not just surviving.  In fact, “If the church survives and doesn’t do what God has called it to do, it doesn’t matter that it survives or not.”  That means helping Believers focus on what it means to have a Christian Worldview and live in “The Story”.

The Digital Revolution: Making Disciples

In the middle of a crisis strong leaders are thinking forward, counting on more disruption and planning for a very different future.  Dr. Elaine Friedrich’s career experience blended ministry and higher education leadership into her current position as Director of Digital Discipleship for Mt. Bethel United Methodist in Marietta GA.  

She is uniquely positioned to help churches of all sizes see that they need to shift focus and resources if they want to stay connected with their members and fulfill the great commission: reaching “the least, the last and the lost.” In this short video, Dr. Friedrich emphasizes that for The Post Covid Church, this is a time of OPPORTUNITY, not despair.


After The “Covid Wilderness”

It may be comforting for Christians yearning to “return to normal”, but the reality is the church was shrinking in many ways, including influence, long before the doors shut.  That’s why 

Dr. Thom Rainer, a church leadership expert, says we’re in the “Covid Wilderness”.  He likens it to the time when God’s people, freed from Egyptian slavery, wandered.  Just as many of those reacted to hardship by asking to return to what they remembered as the safety of slavery, so too are many Christians today—-including far too many in leadership positions——pleading for a return to the past.  

Dr. Ranier, Founder/CEO of “Church Answers”, a church leadership training group, says in this short video that now as then, it’s the wrong approach.

Listen to my conversation with Dr. Ranier at


“Jesus Didn’t Die To Put Butts In Seats”

Dr. George Barna is the preeminent researcher of the Christian faith in America and he says that for the church to regain its influence, it must make big changes now.  It starts at the top and includes changing both how pastors define success and what they teach so that many more Christians have a Biblical Worldview.  


“Run Towards The Roar”

The pandemic is making all of us reassess not only what’s truly important in life, but also what it means to live by faith.  Suddenly, even the concept of “church” is upended.  John Robertson is a crisis management expert, and a former pastor, who is well positioned to help The Post Covid Church thrive through taking this extraordinary opportunity to help staff and laity discover their strengths and use them for Christ. 


Rethinking Seminaries: Strengthening The Post Covid Church

Seminaries are facing the same upheaval as other secondary educational institutions, but some are fortunate to have pivoted before the pandemic.  Dr Matt Ayars, President of Wesley Biblical Seminary, says the technological revolution is not only helping better prepare pastors but also strengthening the laity.  


Isolation, Fear, Anxiety: Filling an Emotional Need

Covid-19 has not only dealt a devastating physical blow, it’s also caused extensive mental health damage. The Post Covid Church is uniquely positioned to serve those suffering. Unfortunately, a stigma remains. Dr. Tarama Fleming is a licensed professional counselor who strongly believes the Christian faith is uniquely positioned to heal.


Church Is Not a Sunday Morning Thing

Pastor and best selling author Jonathan “JP” Pokluda always focuses on where the church is going.   So, he was ready to quickly pivot when the doors closed.  Covid-19 meant not just enhancing the on-line worship experience, but also making small group discipleship front and center at Harris Creek Baptist in Waco, TX. Listen to what the church demands from members and how the pandemic forced the staff to make radical changes.


Little Church Doing Big Things

Grace Chapel only has 180 members in West Columbia SC, but this non-denominational church has done amazing things to stay connected and strengthen the foundation for future disciple making. 


“There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be A Church”

The Center for Health Churches is designed for a time such as this: To help churches not survive, but thrive.  Founder Dr. Bill Wilson shares the key aspects of a healthy church, the number one trait that makes successful churches stand out and how The Post Covid Church must re-launch if it’s to help fill the vast void in the hearts of so many.


Churches Coming Together: A Model for The Post Covid Church

Already it’s clear The Post Covid Church will be smaller. That means to restore its impact and influence, Christians will have to do a better job working together. Listen to how churches in Wichita, Kansas are showing the way.


Post Covid Home Church Movement

An inspiring story of Bobby and Lydia Goin who opened their home as church doors closed. Brushing aside fear of Covid, and answering God’s call, this Kansas couple has attracted searching Believers who are experiencing a deeper walk with Christ.


Shrinking, Then Flourishing: Lessons from History for The Post Covid Church

Persecutions, plagues and cultural indifference have struck the Christian church from the beginning.  Today is no different.  Listen to what we can, and must learn, from Father Christopher Viscardi, S.J., an optimistic historian who sees a smaller but stronger Post Covid Church.


A Model for The Post Covid Church

This outward focused approach supports families so that a stronger Christian bond can be built within the home. It’s an approach sadly lacking in the US, but Rev. Dr. Warren Lathem says it’s a key to strengthening the church.


Why Do We Want to Go Back THERE?

The church is not a building, but a body of Believers.  Theologian, pastor, writer T.M. Moore, author of “The Church Captive”, calls The Post Covid Church to release itself from captivity to our culture.  Listen to specific ways leaders and laity can truly make a difference in the post pandemic world.


Making The Church “More Than A Shout and a Dance”

Seeing the victim of a vicious hate crime forgive and befriend allowed award winning journalist Charlotte Graham to search her soul.  She sees the state of Mississippi doing the same thing.  Listen to her fascinating perspective and her call for The Post Covid Church to be more than “a shout and a dance.”


Strengthening Marriages=Strengthening The Church

The collapse of the traditional family structure is not only the biggest cause for most of America’s problems, it’s also the reason our churches are shrinking in numbers and influence. Listen to solutions from JP De Gance, whose Communio non-profit is showing how The Post Covid Church can make a difference.  


If You Won’t Serve, This Church Isn’t For You

The ability to see an opportunity to serve and turn it into action is the sign of a church’s DNA. See how Rev Robert Hahn and his rural Maryland congregation quickly moved to serve 13-thousand meals a week to needy children, and mend relations between the police and the community.  It’s a Post Covid Church Model.


A Smaller, Stronger Post Covid Church

The consensus is The Post Covid Church will be smaller. What will it take to make it stronger? Award winning author Dr. Kevin Watson has some answers.


NOT “The Most Segregated Hour of the Week”

DaySpring Community Church is an evangelical rarity— racially integrated. The key: Leaders setting a tone early, and living the Gospel that is preached.


Small Churches: Big Opportunities

The small churches with little experience on-line had to pivot quickly to serve at home members. One church leader says those small churches may be in better position to thrive as The Post Covid Church.


Re-Thinking Missions

“I challenge people to Google ‘Churches that close because they gave too much for global missions’. You won’t find any.” Dr. Duane Brown, Director of Church Partnerships for One Mission Society says The Post Covid Church must become much more committed to missions in order to fulfill its calling.


“Intentional”: Roadmap for Racial Healing

“It’s not man’s agenda. It’s Biblical” Two pastors, one black, one white, both lifelong residents of a state long associated with racial hatred, share their experiences and answers for racial healing in light of the latest racial outrage.


Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

Rev. Randy Russ is a commissioned United Methodist Deacon with a Ph. D. in marketing who predicts the Post Covid Church will shrink, and he thinks that’s a good thing….if. If the church pivots without fear and uses the laity innovatively to better serve a culture searching for answers.


“Humpty Dumpty”: A Priest’s Call For Change

The Covid-19 pandemic has broken the “egg” of life as we know it. A comparison to the famous nursery rhyme provides an opportunity for much needed change in the church.


Rushing Into The Pandemic: A Model For Cooperation

The Orlando Salvation Army command pivoted quickly and is serving more than ever. Lessons that will help The Post Covid Church fulfill its mission.


Taking Risks For The Kingdom

Christian entrepreneur Joe Stradinger says it’s not a time to fret, but the time for church leaders to take risks if they want The Post Covid Church to fulfill its mission.


An Inner City Pastor’s Optimistic Look at the Post Covid Church

Prophetic, positive and unyielding, Brother Devon Adams’ inspiring look at where the church is heading.  It will be smaller, but stronger.


Technology Bringing The Church Together

Churches that come out of the shut down stronger are using technology to not only stream worship services, but to hyper-connect.  Dr. Keith Grubbs, Senior pastor of Park Place Baptist in Pearl, MS shares the unique outreach efforts that are keeping the church community together.  


The Biblical basis for dealing with grief and fear

How best can the church help those grieving during this crisis, and how should we face fear?  Dr. James Kilgore has more than four decades of counseling and pastoring experience.  He shares the most effective ways those suffering can be helped by the body of Christ in this episode of “The Post Covid Church” podcast.