One of the most impressive changes in reaction to the church shut down was how quickly more than 90% of US churches went to on-line services.  The timing was good:  The internet was in place, the equipment affordable and the technological know-how needed basic enough for even the smallest congregations to easily pivot.  That kept members connected.  Some small group, or Sunday School classes, also used the technology to keep on mission.  

The question is:  Is  your church planning NOW how to use the technology to do a better job of fulfilling The Great Commission as more return to church?  As an earlier Barna survey showed, one out of three former church goers have quit showing up in person or on line.  Is your church staying connected?  What can be done by The Post Covid Church to use the technology to expand your church mission to those who won’t come into your doors?

In this short video, learn how Haitian pastor Dr. Lucner Pierre was able to expand Bible studies through the internet and how it led to a dramatic increase in touching people and making disciples.  

You can listen to my entire conversation with Lucner at titled, “Lessons From Haiti”.

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