The pandemic has sped up change in our culture, including the lessening of the church’s influence.  While America was steadily moving from its Judeo-Christian roots before the shutdown (with church attendance dropping and the number of people willing to admit they had no faith rapidly increasing to almost one-in-four) the pandemic has accelerated the shift to where we are now a post-Christian culture.  There is no longer the cultural pressure to know and acknowledge the basic tenants of the faith.  With a powerful push to limit or eliminate basic constitutional religious freedoms.

Rev. Jeff Wolheter has spent his career planting churches, and that means having a rich understanding of the culture.  As he shares in this short video clip, the shift means more antagonism towards the church, but also an opportunity. 

You can hear my conversation with Jeff, and discover useful information that every church leader can use, on The Post Covid Church Podcast, Building A Plane While Flying: Church Planting In A Pandemic

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