Ravi Zacharias’s teachings have had an immense impact on my life.  Anyone who has read his books or heard him speak—-I heard him for the first time while a student at Wesley Biblical Seminary 20 years ago—knows the power of his words and incisiveness of his arguments.  Now, less than a year after his death, the world finds out that one of the most beloved and powerful apologists for the Christian faith led a double life that will make the work of The Post Covid Church all that much more difficult.  

A Wake Up Call for Lay Leaders: Don’t Be Afraid To Lead

As the horrendous sex scandal within the Catholic church has given millions a reason to turn away, so too will this scandal deeply tarnish the church’s witness.  Far worse than the most vitriolic atheist are the “sheep in wolves’ clothing” who cause those outside the church to shake their head and walk farther from the faith. 

As this excellent article from David French explains, it’s more than Zacharias who is to blame. Those in position to know better refused to see what they didn’t want to see.  It’s a reminder for The Post Covid Church that those who for selfish reasons refuse to keep their eyes open will also make the task of fulfilling the Great Commission harder today than it was yesterday.  

And it’s not just sex.  Sometimes it’s just power.  Leaders who aren’t truly accountable, are crippling the faith.


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